These ScareBears Are So Next-Level Horrifying You'll Want One Immediately

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In this world of horrors, there are grizzly bears and then there are grisly bears. The latter category refers to toys called "ScareBears", a twisted twist on the popular Care Bears brand. Unlike their rainbow-colored counterparts, creepy ScareBear toys typically showcase one specific color: blood red. ScareBears for sale appeal to people like your friend with a twisted sense of humor, who loves the fact that these guys wear their actual heart, among other organs, on their sleeves (and in their paws). The best ScareBears prefer blood over honey and would rather cuddle with your corpse, qualities which make them the perfect creepy gift or Halloween decoration. While other bears enjoy hibernating, gorey ScareBears enjoy haunting your dreams instead.

But a ScareBear's twisted appearance need not be a bad thing; you can't spell 'scare' without 'care,' and a good scare can be good for your health. In case you wondered, scaring is the new caring.