18 People Describe Times They Were Practically Scared To Death

Real life is not only stranger than fiction, it can be a lot more terrifying. Sometimes, that fear brings you to the brink, to the point where you wonder if you'll be coming out of a situation at all. Even something that seems minor - like going way too fast downhill on a bicycle - can be terrifying under the right circumstances.

The terror of being held at gunpoint, getting into a car accident, or simply cheating death is something these Redditors will never forget. As you read along, you'll find your heart racing just as fast as theirs.


  • Carjacked By An Escaped Prisoner

    From Redditor /u/sockpuppets:

    [A] 6'5" 230 pound guy escape from police custody by hiding a handcuff key under his tongue, escaping his shackles, kicking out the police van door and then knocking out the woman transporting him. He took her gun, carjacked my friend and I and shot my friend point blank in the face with a .357, killing him instantly by severing his carotid artery. The shots missed me and I ran.

    He's now on death row.

  • Found Sister At The Bottom Of The Pool

    From a former Redditor:

    [We] found my 1 yr old baby sister on the bottom of our swimming pool. Apparently she overheard us talking about going for a swim and somehow went in while we were changing clothes. None of us still know how she got to the pool or how she could've gotten past us.

    My dad drove like a madman to the hospital.

    She's 13 now.

  • Just Had A Bad Feeling About Something Behind Them

    From Redditor /u/sepponearth:

    Went out to eat with some friends. I carpooled with one because we lived pretty close. He drove me home and we wound up just talking in the car outside my house. Suddenly, we both looked at each other and then behind us. We were both TERRIFIED out of nowhere. I said "Drive. Just go." "Where?" "ANYWHERE." He floored it. I looked behind us again..nothing at all.

  • Saw A Grizzly Bear Near The Campsite

    From Redditor /u/itaintme:

    I was camping out in the Rockies with some friends, midsummer. Late one night, fires out, the last two of us were sitting around by moonlight chatting, talking about going fishing (it was late enough that it was almost early). I got up to relieve myself, got 20 feet from camp and saw a bear.

    Not one of those cutesy little black bears either. A huge [...] Grizzly Bear. The thing was about the size of my car. Clearly it decided I would not taste good and passed his opportunity to eat my face.