The Scariest 1970s Horror Movies

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Vote up the 1970s horror movies that freaked you out and gave you nightmares for weeks, months, or even every decade since.

The scariest 1970s horror movies hold an incredibly special place in the minds and hearts of horror fans. This groovy decade symbolized a metaphorical passing of the torch for the genre. Gone were the mainstream psychological thrillers and monster movies that flooded the market, now was a time for a change, for experimentation, for fear. This list of horror movies from the 1970s is not for the faint of heart. These are some of the most shocking, disgusting, bizarre, and flat-out frightening films to ever be released.

Whether you’re looking for a realistic flick based on true events or a completely fictional movie, there’s sure to be a great fitting movie on this list for you! The movies featured on this list are some of the scariest ones of all time – who doesn’t shiver at the thought of a little girl’s head turning 360 degrees because she’s been demon-possessed, or get a little nervous at the idea of swimming in shark-infested waters, trying to escape as quickly as possible?

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