The Scariest Horror Movies Of The 1990s

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Vote up the 1990s films that gave you the biggest chills and thrills, whether they were the "best" horror movies or not!

One of the most underrated decades in horror, while it may not provide the camp and nostalgia of the ‘80s or the shocking stories of the ‘70s, the scariest movies of the 1990s brought a whole new life to the genre, and grounded horror in gritty, dirty, and disgusting realism. Whether you’re looking for a realistic flick based on true (or supposedly true) events or a completely fictional, scary horror story there’s sure to be the perfect '90s movie.

Films like Scream and Candyman brought a grounded sense of terrifying realism to the slasher genre, while films like The Silence of the Lambs and Se7en showed the true horrors of man in painstaking and pain-inducing realism. Each and every one of these films will have audiences checking under their bed, in the closet, and around every corner because after watching them, they will be terrified of anything and everything that goes bump in the night…

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