Alfred Hitchcock's Scariest Characters, Ranked

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As the OG of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock is known for bringing some of the greatest, scariest, and most memorable characters to the silver screen. That’s why we thought it was past time to rank some of Hitchcock’s all-time greatest characters!

The scariest Hitchcock characters are usually great villains in thrillers. They’re not necessarily ‘scary’ in the horror sense (except for those crazy birds). In fact, Hitchcock’s most bone-chilling characters are sometimes damaged, desperate, or deranged, but they’re all dangerous. All the great villains in Alfred Hitchcock movies will do whatever it takes to achieve their goal - no matter how devious or evil it is!

Vote up your picks for the scariest characters. If you think any scary ne'er-do-wells are missing from the list, feel free to add them below. It's what Mother would want!

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