The Scariest Alfred Hitchcock Movies

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Only horror films directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

List of the scariest Alfred Hitchcock movies ever made, as ranked by Hitchcock fans and film critics. There’s a good reason that director Alfred Hitchcock is widely considered the master of horror. His films are among the best movies ever made, both in the horror genre and overall. Many of these famous Alfred Hitchcock movies movies take our worst fears and transform them into a piece of art that feels more real than movies usually do. The villains are people that feel like they could really exist, while the heroes are extremely relatable to the average viewer.

The movies on this list span decades and are often ranked as the scariest movies of all time. Hitchcock films were made before jump scares and axe wielding psychopaths were all the rage, so the scares in his films come from a more real place. They play on the fear of run down motels weird neighbors, and other parts of everyday life, as well as larger fears like government conspiracies and serial killers.

What are the most terrifying Alfred Hitchcock films? What are the top Alfred Hitchcock movies? With classic movies like Vertigo, Rear Window, and Strangers on a Train, it's hard to go wrong with the famous Hitchcock movies on this list. These movies went on to define the best of the horror genre and become classic films in Hollywood history - cast your votes now!


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