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The Scariest Animal Horror Movies Ever Made

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List RulesHorror films that star animals as villains

Here is a list of the scariest animal movies ever made, ranked by the sheer terror you'll feel watching them on the big (or small) screen. Are you looking for a new favorite scary, killer animal movie? Browse through this list of the scariest animal movies ever made to see which ones are considered to be the best by voters just like you. Ranked in order from the most popular scary animal movie to the least popular, it will be easy to find some new great scary animal movies to watch tonight. If you see a animal horror movie that you liked really well that’s at the bottom of the list, go ahead and vote for it to see it get ranked higher on the list. But be warned, you may never look at your pets the same way again. You'll quickly find that this si far more than just a 'top 10 horror movies with animals' list. 

From the scary sea world of Jaws to the rural charm of Cujo, there are many different types of giant animal horror movies to enjoy. You might also be able to find these animal thrillers on Netflix or other streaming service.

Whether your particular favorite scary animal movies pick lies with dogs or dinosaurs, there are unlimited scares to experience by watching movies from this list.