Weird Nature These Are The Most Terrifying Animals You Might See In Thailand  

Rebecca High

It's known as the "Land of Smiles," but Thailand is also home to some of the wildest and scariest creatures on Earth. This video showcases the most fearsome pests and predators Thailand has to offer.

While you might be able to guess a few of the scariest animals in Thailand, some will be surprising. And even if you could guess the serpentine monster leading the list, just why it's so frightening is explained in the video.

The world's biggest hornets live in Thailand and have permanent stingers, so they can sting repeatedly. Even the smaller varieties of hornets are known for their aggression and the pain they cause, but in Thailand they're particularly egregious, with sting victims experiencing major swelling.

While giant horror movie-sized hornets don't seem to deter any of the Full Moon Party-goers or other Thailand tourists, the more you know, the safer you'll be. Watch this video for some creepy snapshots of the scariest animals in Thailand.