The 15 Scariest Creatures In Animated Disney Movies

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Disney movies might be kid-friendly, but they also have some of the scariest creatures ever animated. Some of these monsters are terrifying because of their power. For example, the Hydra from Hercules is virtually indestructible. Not only can it survive having its head chopped off, it can also grow three new heads in its place. 

Others are scary because of how they're revealed. The Loa of The Princess and the Frog have the power to alter reality, devour souls, and make bargains with humans. When they're first introduced, they seem to be Dr. Facilier's nearly unbeatable friends. When they turn on him for not holding up his end of their bargain, their initial reveal feels even more sinister. 

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  • Meant to be representative of unfiltered evil, Chernabog is perfectly designed to instill fear in viewers' hearts. His terrifying visage is supposedly inspired by the God of the Night in Slavic mythology. He spends most of his unnerving segment summoning lesser demons and then hurling them into a fiery pit as they worship him through dance. Yeah. The fact that this was even approved for a kid's movie is somewhat surprising, but hey, the 1940s were a wild time. Maybe don't show Fantasia to young children?

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    Maleficent's Dragon Form In ‘Sleeping Beauty’

    Maleficent is a cruel and powerful fairy who can place elaborate curses on those who wrong her - and anyone who has anything to do with them, including innocent babies. The Angelina Jolie version of the character may have tried to make her into an antihero, but the original Disney incarnation was as evil as they come. For instance, Maleficent can physically menace her foes by transforming into a gigantic fire-breathing dragon. In this form, she nearly drives Prince Phillip off of a cliff before he finally manages to ram a sword through her heart. 

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    Ursula’s Garden of Dead Souls In ‘The Little Mermaid’

    Unlike most of the beings/creatures/monsters on this list, Ursula's garden of souls isn't going to deal direct damage to anyone. But what they represent - and their constant agonized moaning - makes them absolutely terrifying. These polyps are the souls of merpeople who made a bargain with Ursula and couldn't hold up their end of the deal. They represent Ariel's fate if she can't make Prince Eric fall in love with her before time runs out. Definitely very kid-friendly!

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    The Hydra In ‘Hercules’

    Anything that can be described as a “gigantic snakelike monster” is going to be pretty unsettling. But the Hydra stands out among similar monsters in movie history. Destroying it is nearly impossible, because every time you cut one of its heads off, three more grow in its place. Hercules manages to defeat it by trapping it under a rockslide, but he nearly loses his life in the process. Someone without Hercules' godly heritage wouldn't have stood a chance. There is also something offputting about it being computer animated in a traditionally animated film as well.

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    The Loa In ‘The Princess And The Frog’

    Without help from his ‘friends on the other side,’ Dr. Facilier is just an especially crafty man in a menacing top hat. Alas, messing with the Loa is akin to playing with fire. Appearing as voodoo dolls, snakes, masks, shrunken heads, and shadow demons, these spirits are loosely based on Haitian voodoo mythology. They grant Dr. Facilier exceptional power, such as providing him with a talisman that makes people look like other people or even turns them into frogs. At the end of The Princess and the Frog, when they aren't fed enough souls in return for their power, they just take his soul instead. 

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  • Oogie Boogie would be terrifying even if he were a nice guy - he's an anthropomorphic burlap sack filled with fluorescent bugs. To be frank, he's never going to find many friends. But he isn't nice at all. In fact, he's so antisocial and unpleasant that he's ostracized by a community dedicated to scaring people. He spends most of his time in his lair, gambling or persuading lackeys to kidnap victims for him. He torments and plays with those victims for a while before cooking them into his Snake & Spider stew and eating them. It's genuinely amazing that Sandy Claws makes it out of his lair alive! 

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