15 Scary Anime Monsters That Are Total Nightmare Fuel

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"Everybody loves monsters." This quote from former Doctor Who star, Peter Capaldi, is right on the money, which is why the anime world is filled with some of the creepiest, most horrifying creatures of the night. Monsters are among the most fascinating characters of fiction. It's entertaining to see their apathy, barbaric attitudes, and their hideous appearances.

Anime monsters don't skimp on the nightmare fuel. All the scary anime characters on this list have a large appetite for blood, guts, and destruction. They have a thing for inflicting pain or a strong desire for survival. Not every monster is the typical ugly, bulky demon. Scientific or supernatural, these scary anime monsters are guaranteed to keep you up all night. Hold on to your bed sheets as you read about the scariest anime monsters of all time, and vote up the most terrifying, dark creatures that stalk the night. 


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    Parasites - Parasyte: The Maxim

    Parasites - Parasyte: The Maxim
    Photo: Madhouse

    Always go to bed with your headphones on. That's the message of the day, brought to you by Parasyte: The Maxim. In this sci-fi horror anime, wormy aliens called Parasites crawl into the ears of people to assimilate with them. Parasites pull an Invasion of the Body Snatchers by completely erasing their host's identity.

    Those who possess humans develop a hunger for other humans. They also hunt Parasites that failed to completely assimilate with their host. If you feel something funny in your ear during bedtime, it's already too late. 

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    Gauna - Knights Of Sidonia

    Any alien species powerful enough to drive the entire human race off Earth is worthy of the scariest anime monster title. In the mecha anime series, Knight of Sidonia, the shapeshifting alien race known as the Gauna sent mankind packing, forcing them to live on spaceships created from what was left of Earth. A Gauna cannot be easily killed because of their exterior covering called the Placenta. It is highly malleable and usually appears as tentacle creatures.

    The creepy thing about the Gauna is that they are capable of replicating human features for a limited time. They will make their appearance match that of a lover so a soldier can't deliver the final blow. 

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    Bunny Beasts - Blood-C

    It may seem absurd to label anything with the word "Bunny" on it as a scary anime character, but the Bunny Beasts from the graphic anime series, Blood-C, are anything but cute and fluffy. Driven by a sickening urge to torture and kill its human prey, the Bunny Beasts use their transformative limbs to slaughter every helpless citizen they can find.

    The gory nature of Blood-C is always on full power, but the show's infamous town massacre scene takes the cake. Watching these demonic bunnies rip, shish-kabob, and blend their victims is a prime example of ridiculous anime overkills

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    The God Hand - Berserk

    The God Hand - Berserk
    Photo: OLM, Inc.

    The God Hand from the anime action series, Berserk, is the ultimate squad of evil characters. Serving under the Idea of Evil, the God Hand are a group of five reality-warping beings responsible for humanity's suffering. Void, a prominent member of the God Hand, resembles the aliens from Mars Attacks with his big, exposed brain. He also has his eyes stitched out and lips peeled back to complete his disgusting appearance.

    While the other members look less creepy, though still intimidating, their malice toward humanity in nothing to scoff at.