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15 Scary Anime Monsters That Are Total Nightmare Fuel

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"Everybody loves monsters." This quote from former Doctor Who star, Peter Capaldi, is right on the money, which is why the anime world is filled with some of the creepiest, most horrifying creatures of the night. Monsters are among the most fascinating characters of fiction. It's entertaining to see their apathy, barbaric attitudes, and their hideous appearances.

Anime monsters don't skimp on the nightmare fuel. All the scary anime characters on this list have a large appetite for blood, guts, and destruction. They have a thing for inflicting pain or a strong desire for survival. Not every monster is the typical ugly, bulky demon. Scientific or supernatural, these scary anime monsters are guaranteed to keep you up all night. Hold on to your bed sheets as you read about the scariest anime monsters of all time, and vote up the most terrifying, dark creatures that stalk the night. 

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    Boar Demon - Princess Mononoke

    Nothing gets the blood pumping faster than being chased by a demonic pig. In the shockingly violent Studio Ghibli film, Princess Mononoke, a tremendous boar becomes a wild demon, demolishing everything in his way. The boar's flesh rots as a swarm of crawling demon worms engulf his body, acting as an armor for its host and forming tentacles to attack.

    It's a beautifully animated scene of such a hideous beast. 

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    Titans - Attack On Titan

    Photo: Wit Studio

    It's pretty evident why the Titans from Attack on Titan would rank among the most scariest anime monsters around. Nude giants with the freakiest of faces, they run amok and devour humans like they're hors d'oeuvres. Even walls of crazy heights aren't enough to protect humanity from these unsettling creatures, which is why the post-apocalyptic world of Attack on Titan is one of the most dangerous anime locations in history. 

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    Terraformars - Terraformars

    Don't let their goofy bug faces fool you. These humanoid cockroach aliens called Terraformers will crush your skull like a watermelon. They are superpowered cockroaches from Mars that are almost impossible to kill. They're born with a natural hatred of humans, so they will kill any human without mercy and hesitation.

    Terraformers attack swiftly and brutally, doing things like ripping out a man's spine from his head. Needless to say, you're going to need more than Raid to wipe out these bugs. 

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    Yoma - Claymore

    Photo: Madhouse

    A Yoma takes the nightmare of a bug flying into your nose and magnifies it to a million. These muscular beasts from the dark fantasy series, Claymore, are parasitic creatures that invade the brain of their human hosts and take over. Yoma come in various shapes and sizes, but their common traits are cat-like golden eyes, pointy teeth, and demonic claws.

    Anyone unfortunate enough to become their prey will endure the cruelty of seeing their hosts kill everyone they love with their body. 

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