TV episodes 18 "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" Episodes That Scarred You For Life  

Justin Andress
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CAUTION: This list contains plot spoilers for various episodes.

In 1992, American tweens tuned into Nickelodeon's first dedicated block of Saturday night viewings called SNICK (Saturday Night Nickelodeon) and were greeted with a new series called Are You Afraid of the Dark? The show became one of the best anthology programs, revolving around a group of Canadian nerds who called themselves "The Midnight Society" that met at night in the woods and told scary stories. 

Whether the kids of The Midnight Society were talking about ghosts or goblins, the frights were never in short supply. People who grew up with the show recall different Are You Afraid of the Dark? episodes as the scariest, but in case you needed a reminder, journey into the past to determine which of these scary episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark? are the most spine-tingling.  

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The Tale Of The Ghastly Grinner

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Kids dream about the heroes of their comic books being real, but what about the villains? Beware the Ghastly Grinner! Armed with the power to reduce people to drooling morons, the Ghastly Grinner escapes the confines of his unfinished comic book to terrorize the life of an aspiring artist named Ethan.

Just when you think you know where the plot is headed, someone gets their face erased the hell off.

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The Tale Of The Frozen Ghost

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On one hand, “The Tale of the Frozen Ghost” features some of the series’ most intense moments after a bratty rich kid and his poor babysitter are terrorized by the ghost of a shivering young kid. On the other hand, the little sh*t’s initial behavior makes you kind of root for the ghost while he and his babysitter are trying to figure out the reason behind the haunting.

Original Airing: Aug 14 1993

Season: Are You Afraid of the Dark? - Season 2

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The Tale Of The Water Demons

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When Shawn and his cousin visit a retired sailor, Shawn steals a trinket from the recovered treasure of a sunken yacht. Bad idea, as it turns out the treasure is cursed by the ghosts of the yacht’s victims who constantly harass the old man. These terrifying demons become dead set on recovering the stolen trinket, haunting Shawn and his cousin until it’s returned.

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The Tale Of Watcher’s Woods

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Nothing stirs up genuine fright like stranding some kids in the woods - especially when those woods are supposedly haunted by something called the “Watcher,” a man linked to the disappearance of several campers years earlier. 

Shades of Friday the 13th, with a heavy dollop of supernatural terror fuels this frantic episode.