The Scariest Types of Bears in the World

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Let's face it, bears are cute animals. OK not the biggest bears, but their cubs are absolutely adorable and every part of our nature instructs us to pick them up and cuddle with them. Unfortunately, if you do this, you might learn the lesson Leonardo Dicaprio's character learned in The Revenant: do not, under any circumstances, be anywhere near a bear cub—much less ever pick one up. Each and every one of us should have a healthy fear of bears. It's natural to be afraid of bears and that has a lot to do with their sheer size and ability to kill with a single swipe.

Seeing as they are so cute in appearance, a lot of folks may not realize it, but bears are really dangerous to humans. They are the largest carnivore on land and dominate their respective ecosystems as the alpha predator. Generally speaking, you really shouldn't mess with just about any bear species as bears are aggressive animals. 

Bears aren't going around eating people or anything; they subsist mostly on berries, fish, and other items found in their environment. However, they are highly territorial animals who will use their gigantic claws and teeth to get their point across in a deadly way—should any human come snooping around. The scariest and worst types of bears that attack humans are pretty much every species of bear. They know they are tougher than you and will assert themselves if threatened so it's ok to be afraid of bears... especially the ones on this list.