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The Scariest Centipedes Crawling Around The Earth Right Now

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Odds are you are pretty creeped out by centipedes. The scariest centipedes on Earth are different than spiders or scorpions - centipedes are gross, angry, and malevolent creatures filled with venom and the desire to eat anything and everything they come across. They can crawl into your shoe or your sleeping bag and, in some cases, finding them will be the last thing you ever do. One look at these guys and you'll be paranoid of them slithering their way into your ear. 

Why are centipedes so scary? Could it be their legs, their strange bodies, or their (sometimes) deadly venom? Here are some scary facts about centipedes crawling around the earth right now. Warning: these creepy centipede facts might make your skin crawl.

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    Scolopendra Heros Can Kill You Just By Walking On You

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    Known as the Giant Red-Headed Centipede, this thing is a terror to be avoided. Not only can it cut you by walking on you, but poison can be produced on its legs that will seep into the cuts. There's a story about an officer in the Confederate Army that woke up to one of these things crawling all over him. He soon fell into a fit of pain and convulsions. He died two days later. 

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    Scolopendra Cataracta Can Follow You Into The Water

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    This recently discovered giant centipede was discovered in Laos. There's only four that have been discovered so far, but it's been determined it has venom that will put you in agonizing pain. The scariest discovery is this bug is amphibious, which means it can hunt on both land and in water. Next time you're in Laos, don't go swimming in a pond. 

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    The Scolopendra Subspinipes Is So Poisonous It's A Danger To Your Children

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    With a black body and orange legs, this thing is a crawling nightmare. Its bite is so poisonous its actually more painful than many snake bites. If it wasn't scary enough, it can grow to be a foot long and live 10 long years. They hide in damp woods and sometimes inside shoes - so be sure to check before putting them on next time you're in the area. 

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    Scolopendra Gigantea Is The Largest Centipede In The World

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    If you hate giant bugs, stay as far away from this one as possible. Reaching lengths of over 35 centimeters, it can reach the length of your forearm. If you think that size would make them less mobile, think again. They can run quickly and climb surfaces easily. These guys are also carnivorous, with a diet of small animals including birds. It's even been known to go after bats. 

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