Cursed Objects from Horror Movies You Don't Want Near You

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Terror, death, and disaster caused by cursed objects is a familiar trope in horror movies. Viewers have watched through their fingers as dolls, puzzle boxes, books, boxes, cars, stones, and even (in one hilarious case) a lamp brought about all kinds of crazy evil on the unsuspecting object-owners. From early horror films such as The Monkey's Paw to 2016's The Darkness, there are plenty of cursed objects from horror movies that definitely need to be locked away and forgotten about. But which one would you least want to be locked in a room with? That's a tough call. Vote up the most terrifying cursed object and remember: never steal anything from a deserted town or burial ground. NEVER.

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    Annabelle from The Conjuring

    To start, this doll looks super creepy. But if that's not reason enough to keep it away from you, it's also possessed by an evil spirit. It isn't clear why any child would want to play with this thing, but the one in The Conjuring does, and it leads to some jump scare-tastic results. Should've left it where you found it, kid.
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    The Necronomicon Ex-Mortis from Evil Dead

    If you're in a musty old cabin in the woods and you find a book with a twisted, grimacing face on the cover, just don't read it. No good can come from doing so, unless you think an unending onslaught of demon-zombie hybrid monsters called Deadites is good. (Hint: it's not.)
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    The Dybbuk Box from The Possession

    The Dybbuk Box from The Possession
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    Supposedly based on a real object from Jewish folklore, the Dybbuk Box is said to contain an evil and malicious spirit that can possess humans. And that's precisely what happens to Em (Natasha Calis) in this film, with finger-in-mouth scary results.
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    The Tape from The Ring

    Watch the tape, you die in seven days. It's that simple. It's an urban legend come to life, as the VHS tape is haunted by Samara, a disturbed young girl with a particularly wicked power...