The Scariest Demon Toys in Film History

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Toys and dolls possessed by demons & devils

This list of the scariest demon toys in film history is sure to frighten you, during Halloween or any time of year. Did you know that toys can be haunted? Have you seen movies with demon-possessed toys in them? Browse through our list of the scariest demon toys in film history to find a new scary movie to watch with a twist in it. Ranked in order of the scariest demon toys in film history to the least scary, you will easily be able to find an enjoyable movie that has demon-possessed toys in it. You can vote for your personal favorite scary demon toy to see it get ranked higher on the list, or you can add your own favorite scariest demon toy if you don’t see it listed here.

Many scary movie enthusiasts have heard of Chucky, the possessed doll, but many scary movies contain demonic toys of some type. In the movie, The Conjuring, an exorcist collected the demon possessed toys in an attempt to keep everyone else safe from them. This movie provides glimpses into multiple types of demonic toys for the viewers’ intrigue.

You can rerank this list to make your own personal list of favorite demonic toys in film history, or you can pick from the top scariest demonic toys, find the movies to them, and enjoy a night of haunting and terror!

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  • Annabelle Doll
    4,275 votes

    Annabelle Doll

    The Conjuring
  • Billy
    3,697 votes


    Dead Silence
  • Chucky
    4,000 votes
    Child's Play franchise
  • Blade from Puppet Master Series
    2,147 votes

    Blade from Puppet Master Series

    Puppet Master Series
    From Puppet Master Series
  • Music Box
    2,520 votes

    Music Box

    The Conjuring
  • Clown Doll
    3,019 votes

    Clown Doll