The Fictional Monsters You'd Least Like to Have After You

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List of the fictional monsters you’d least like to have after you. Big or small, slimy or humanoid, these are the monsters that have made you afraid to enter darkened rooms -- the monsters you’d least like to have to run from. From classic monsters such as Godzilla to 21st century baddies, you’ll find them here.

 While it’s true that filmmakers sometimes create monsters or baddies that are laughable (was anyone scared of the creatures in “Troll 2”?), they sometimes come up with creatures so bone-chilling that viewers are left searching for their night-lights. Think about it -- would you want to encounter beings like the ones found in “The Descent”? Or, imagine the blob coming after you in the dark of night; although a big mound of goo may not sound frightening, you’d probably be wise to run for your life if it did decide to take you.

 Why is it, then, that viewers keep watching horror movies, knowing that they might come out of the theater worried that one of these great fictional monsters will be after them? No one knows, at least not conclusively. Some claim viewers enjoy the fright of movie monsters because they allow exploration of pent-up fears or aggressions; others claim the attraction to horror movies is a holdover of the ‘rite of passage.’ No matter the reason, though, you only have to look at box office figures to see that horror movies and fictional monsters are perennially popular.

 This list contains some of the most frightening movie creatures of all time. These are the monsters that will in all likelihood be scaring movie watchers for decades to come. Maybe you love the kaiju (such as Mothra) or maybe you love the traditionally supernatural -- either way, this list is full of the fictional monsters you wouldn’t want to run from.
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