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The Scariest Types of Fish in the World

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There aren't a lot of people who are afraid of fish, which is probably due to the fact that you really have to go swimming to run into one. That doesn't mean people aren't afraid of fish. In fact, there are some scary and dangerous fish species swimming in the waters near you right at this moment. Some of the scariest types of fish aren't necessarily dangerous to humans, but are simply ugly fish species we have a hard time looking at. Fear of fish that attack humans and those that simply look creepy is perfectly natural. So if you are afraid of fish, you have the ability to never meet one in the wild—just don't go in the water.

While sharks are of course fish, they're excluded from this list because they deserve one of their own! Even after excluding sharks, there are plenty of scary fish species lurking in the shallow waters and darkest depths of the ocean. Whether you are scuba diving or simply checking out your local aquarium, you may one day have the chance of seeing any of these scariest kinds of fish, but fear not! You can probably catch and eat them, but for some of them, the same could be said about them eating you...

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