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Moments In The ‘Ghostbusters’ Movies That Scarred Our Childhoods

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Ghostbusters is a classic comedy film that debuted in the mid-'80s and helped establish the genre of blended horror and comedy. For most people, the movie isn't too scary; the focus is on making the audience laugh. But for audiences of young children, the film may not have been as funny as it was frightening. Scenes that may seem funny to your adult brain now probably gave you nightmares as a kid.

To be fair, Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II were both rated PG, despite the recently created PG-13 rating. That left a whole generation of young moviegoers scared out of their minds and tucked in that evening to dream of ghosts and monsters.

If you were one of those kids, you know what that was like, but if you need a refresher on which scenes were the scariest to a young audience, these snippets from the first two films in the franchise were some of the ones that went too far.