The Most Treacherous Hikes in the United States

Gain rarely comes without pain, and higher rewards often imply higher risks. Hiking is no exception from these rules, as some of the most cherished views lie at the end of the most intimidating trails. Luckily for travelers who love to have their nerves tickled, the United States offers plenty of scary hikes.

From unexpected floods to extreme temperatures, avalanches, and wild animals, Mother Nature spares no effort to make explorers work for her most precious gems. Unhindered by her warnings, thousands of travelers depart on some of the most strenuous hikes in America in search of adventures and adrenaline. Sadly, not all of them come back.

Some 35 people a year die hiking, according to the National Park Service (NPS), and almost 1,000 get injured. While unfortunate incidents can happen almost anywhere, embarking on certain trips without proper knowledge and preparation is simply asking for trouble.

These are the most dangerous US hikes, which will take your breath away, thanks to both the stunning views and the hazards hidden along the way.