The Scariest Horror Movies About Witches

Horror movies about witches may seem like a thing of the past, but there are have been several really scary witch movies released in the last 10 years that might change your mind on that. This list ranks the best witch horror movies, ranging from black and white classics to modern masterpieces. Forget the tired cliché of a green woman stirring a cauldron and riding a broom, because some of the scariest witch movies are seriously nightmare-inducing.

If you haven't seen 2016's The Witch yet, you are seriously missing out. The film centers around a 17th century Puritan family that succumbs to black magic, resulting in a creepy witchcraft movie that you'll be thinking about days after you watch it.

Besides obvious choices like The Blair Witch Project and Rosemary's Baby, good horror movies about witchcraft include Suspiria, Black Sunday, and Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem.

Vote up the films you believe are the scariest movies about witches, and downvote any films you've seen and wouldn't recommend to other horror fans.

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