Graveyard Shift Scariest Kids Commercials That'll Haunt Your Dreams  

Rebecca High

Travel back in time with this video: a horrifying mashup of inadvertently scary commercials targeted at kids.

From McDonald's to Mattel, these ads pulled from a range of decades were meant to entice children to become proper little consumers, just like their parents. 

But some of them are straight-up terrifying, like the Baby Laugh-A-Lot which basically looks like a possessed doll who will bite your eyes out and strangle you. Or the creepy clown who pops out of box and tries to persuade you that his cereal is so delicious it makes him "krinkle."

But the most tragic commercial of all was actually a PSA for kid safety that is so horrifying, it's hard to tell if it inspired kids to practice caution or if it just scared them senseless. Watch the video for more creepy nostalgia vis-à-vis kids' commercials through the ages.