The Scariest Movies Set In Space

What is it about a scary space movie that appeals to so many audiences? What is it about the thought of an alien on the hunt for human lives that makes our adrenaline spike and leaves us begging for more? This list discusses the absolute scariest space movies ever made. Who doesn’t shudder in fear at the thought of the most horrifically disgusting aliens sliming at the mouth and spewing their venom over an unwitting space farer or astronaut? And who doesn’t love the mystery and suspense of life on another planet threatening to destroy the entire human race?

This list of the scariest space horror movies of all time is ranked by fans of the genre. What are the scariest movies set in outer space? Vote up the best scary space horror films, including Aliens, Event Horizon, Forbidden World, Galaxy of Terror, The Green Slime, and Solaris.

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