All The Netflix Marvel Villains, Ranked By How Terrifying They Are

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Villains from the Netflix Marvel series only. Vote up the ones who are absolutely most terrifying.

Marvel gets to lay claim to some of the best Netflix original series. This is in part because, unlike the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the villains on Netflix Marvel shows are fleshed out. As a result, they can be much scarier. The best villains in Netflix Marvel shows are the ones we spend a lot of time with, so we see just how debased and diabolical they are. It's the ones with a shred of humanity that are all the more terrifying for their veritable renunciation of said humanity. 

This list contains all Netflix Marvel villains so the people can decided who the baddest of the baddies are. Perhaps you find Wilson Fisk's explosive rage bone-chilling or Mariah Dillard's quiet menace disturbing. Whatever the case, here are all the scariest villains from Netflix Marvel Universe. Decide who the ultimate tyrant of terror will be.

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