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The Creepiest Nintendo Characters That Will Haunt Your Dreams

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One of the biggest names in the video game industry, Nintendo built its brand on innovative and accessible titles for all ages. Though this means many titles tend to leave out elements of horror, there exists no shortage of scary Nintendo characters. They may not appear in the most frightening video games of all time, but the scariest Nintendo characters occupy their own nightmarish niches guaranteed to creep out kids and adults alike. The most well-known Nintendo characters like Mario or Kirby are polar opposites of creations players must face in ZeldaEarthbound, and the Mario series.

Even kid-friendly series such as Pokémon feature their own selection of nightmarish creatures that will forever haunt your dreams. So if you thought Nintendo games can't scare you, read on to find out about some of the creepiest characters. Remember, just like in any video game, you can always turn back now...

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