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15 Horrifyingly Gruesome Things In Stephen King's Book 'Pet Sematary'

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Of all the nightmares Stephen King has put to paper, Pet Sematary is easily his most gruesome work. The book - a look at how a family falls apart after the loss of a child - is nothing less than chilling, and many passages are full of the kind of phrasing only King can deliver.

The story follows Louis Creed, a doctor from the big city who moves to Ludlow, ME, which happens to sit directly next to an ancient Native burial ground that's "gone bad." Characters butcher animals, children die, and there are lengthy descriptions of violent acts - it's not a book for the weak of heart.

There are some grisly Pet Sematary scenes in the 1989 cult classic film, but the grossest parts of Pet Sematary only exist in King's writing. The author is able to get inside his readers' heads and prey on their greatest fears. With Pet Sematary, he cemented himself as one of the most gruesome horror writers in American history.