Graveyard Shift
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The Scariest Pictures From The Backrooms, The Internet's Labyrinthian Purgatory

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The Backrooms, according to Reddit lore, is an eerie alternate reality game where everything is abandoned, but you're never alone. Endless hallways, peeling wallpaper, and exit signs leading nowhere make up the Backrooms game, and these creepy liminal spaces are home to plenty of unexplainable - and possibly dangerous - creatures. 

Some Redditors wonder if the Backrooms creepypasta is real, and while the idea is a work of fiction, these frightening pictures of "the Backrooms" may make you second-guess the seemingly normal places you take for granted. Remember, if you "no-clip" into the Backrooms, you can only wander, doomed to never leave - and something is probably watching you from just around the corner.