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Places in the Solar System Where Your Death Would Be Most Horrific

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It's easy to look out into the night sky and imagine the wonders and possibilities that await us among the stars. Tons of science fiction movies have been made about venturing into the cosmos, and as many of those movies show, space isn't exactly hospitable. In fact, our solar system is essentially a collection of endless misery. Which is too bad, because, like, you really want to go to Jupiter, right? Wouldn't that be cool? But pretty much everywhere that isn't Earth will destroy you; the deadliest places in the solar system are also the coolest.

In addition to lava-spewing volcanoes, ice volcanoes, and lakes of noxious gas, some planets have storms so strong they'll rip the flesh off your bones. The good news about all these places is they'd kill you really quickly. So, if you're in a morbid and cosmic mood, check out our list of the scariest, worst places to die in the solar system below. 

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    Imploded and Electrocuted Amidst Jupiter's 300-year-old Storms

    If you were sucked into Jupiter's gravity, you'd be crushed by the most awesome force of pressure in the solar system. Scientists believe the liquid hydrogen ocean inside Jupiter is under so much pressure that electrons are squeezed off hydrogen atoms, making the liquid electrified. The atmosphere of Jupiter is also home to some tremendous storms, including the Great Red Spot, which has been raging for more than 300 years, is twice the size of Earth, and has winds traveling at about 270 miles per hour. When you head to Jupiter, expect to implode, and be obliterated by merciless storms or zapped in an electrified lake. 
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    Mercury has almost no atmosphere, meaning you'd suffocate on the vacuum-like planet . However, good news - you wouldn't live that long, thanks to the extreme temperatures. The side of Mercury facing the sun reaches 800 degrees Fahrenheit, while the side facing away from the sun gets pretty damn cold. As in, -290 degrees Fahrenheit. Basically Mercury treats your body like a fast food restaurant treats food - freeze it then fry it. Which is ironic, since Mercury kind of looks like a potato. 
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    Turned into a Popsicle on the Coldest Moon in the Solar System

    Neptune got a little greedy in the satellite sweepstakes, and ended up with 13 moons. One of these moons, Triton, is among the coldest places in the solar system, with surface temperatures of around -391 degrees Fahrenheit. For comparison's sake, 0 degrees Kelvin, the coldest possible temperature, at which atoms stop moving, is about -460 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Triton is also one of four volcanically active bodes in the solar system; it's pockmarked with cryovolcanoes, or, volcanoes that spew ice and ammonia. If Io is hell, Triton is its frozen equivalent. You'd freeze immediately, and you might get eviscerated by ice flying from a cryovolcano. 
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    Incinerated and Obliterated by a 4.4 Nonillion Lb Sphere of Flaming Gas

    The surface of the sun is about 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit. It is, after all, a gargantuan sphere of flaming gas that's about 1.3 million times the size of Earth. If you were to stand on the sun (which you can't, because it's a giant ball of gas, not a solid planet), the searing heat would instantly disintegrate you. Your particles would be scattered by solar winds. 
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