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The Scariest Types of Sharks in the World

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If there's one thing Peter Benchley and Steven Spielberg taught us, it's that we are not the kings of the ocean. That title rests solely on the shark, which is the scariest fish swimming in the sea. There's something primal about a fear of sharks that makes pretty much any person in their right mind afraid of them. Shark attacks can cause fear and dread about going back in the water and the scariest types of sharks have kept more than their fair share of humans from ever taking a dive.

Some of the most dangerous shark species don't find themselves among humans often, but when they do, they may go from a docile animal swimming through the ocean to a ravenous feeding machine intent on biting and eating whatever they come across. These are the scariest kinds of sharks: the hungry ones. A hungry shark might not realize it doesn't prefer the taste of human flesh until it has already taken a sizable bite. The very size of their jaws is what makes some sharks scary, ugly, and dangerous to humans. Even if they don't eat you, they can do some serious damage.

Sadly, sharks should be more afraid of us than we are of them. We fish them out of the water so much, many species are endangered or simply extinct. Perhaps their aggressive behavior towards humans is justified in their eyes, but even if that's true, there are some seriously scary sharks swimming in the waters, and it's best to let them swim to themselves...

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