The Scariest Types of Snakes in the World

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One of the most common fears people have is a healthy fear of snakes. We say "healthy" due to the fact that there are some species of snakes dangerous to humans, which require a certain amount of fear should you happen to have one slither across your path. Snake attacks aren't necessarily a common occurrence in most urban areas, but when one of the most dangerous snakes found on this list does strike, it can cause severe damage.

You may not realize it, but there are thousands of species of snakes and the scariest kinds could be lurking in your backyard right now—especially if you happen to be reading this in Australia, India, or pretty much anywhere. A good rule of thumb when dealing with the types of snakes to follow—which are any you don't know very well—is to avoid them.

It's healthy to be afraid of snakes simply due to the fact that many species can be deadly. Some are ugly while others have beautiful scale patterns, but all of them are predators. In most cases, they aren't eating people, but that doesn't mean they won't take a stab at you if you get too close. Snakes that attack humans can end up killing someone and, while most of them take care of our rodent problem, the worst types of snakes found on this list are those you should definitely be afraid of.