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The Scariest Types of Spiders in the World

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One of the most common fears any person has is Arachnaphobia: the fear of spiders. Even people who aren't afraid of them don't really like having them around. They are creepy, they are crawly, and many of the scariest species of spiders are downright deadly. There are millions of types of spiders all over the globe, but the scariest spider species are those that are dangerous to humans. Plus, you always seem to find spiders in the worst places.

That being said, many people fear the Tarantula due to its size and ugly look, but those giant critters are usually not a threat in any way. Some of the deadliest spiders in the world are much smaller, but pack a deadly venomous bite. Spiders dangerous to humans tend to be about the size of a quarter and while we are in no way their prey, they will bite if threatened.

A spider's venom is designed to incapacitate or kill its prey, which can be anything from small insects to larger animals including mice, lizards, and small birds. They aren't wrapping us up in their spider-silk and sucking out our blood, but that doesn't mean their venom won't take down a human, which is saying something given our sheer size in comparison to them. Most spider species aren't harmful to us, but the ones on this list should be avoided at all costs. They are dangerous, scary, and many are downright ugly, but above all else, they can be deadly.