Graveyard Shift

The Scariest Things In The Book Of Revelation, The Bible’s Hallucinatory Fever Dream Of Apocalypse

The Bible has no shortage of creepy stories, but arguably, the scariest stories come from the Book of Revelation. Here one finds a plenitude of biblical horror stories in which we earthly beings are warned of the end days to come.

Scholars debate endlessly over the identity of who exactly wrote the Book of Revelation (some say it's John the Apostle, whose writings were known for swinging attention from Satan to Abaddon), but what can be agreed upon is there are plenty of terrifying visions in the Book of Revelation about the apocalypse.

According to the Book, we are in for some dark days: The skies will rain fire, angels will spit swords, mankind will be forced to retreat into caves for shelter, and we will be harassed by at least three terrifying dragons and beasts. Angels will sound seven trumpets of warning, and later on, seven plagues will be dumped on the world. At the end there's some redemption, but not before Earth is scourged over by the Heavens as punishment for straying from the Divine

So, what's with all the fire and brimstone? Well, that's the thing: there's a lot of symbology in the Book of Revelation, and depending on which historical or theological lens you choose to view it through, all this terror can be interpreted in very different ways. The Book was also written at a time when Christians faced persecution from the Roman Empire, which was beginning to impose emperor worship; a little propaganda is nothing new when it comes to religion.

All of that aside, here are some things you missed in the Book of Revelation, and some new ways to consider the fire and fury of God's supposed wrath.