What's Your Favorite Scary Story? Revisiting R.L. Stine's Young Adult 'Fear Street' Books

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Vote up the story that is giving you mild PTSD from your childhood.

R. L. Stine's Fear Street books provided a bridge for millions of readers from truly scary children's books to the works of adult horror novelists such as Stephen King and Clive Barker. The original series of young adult stories contained more than 50 books, many of which are still memorable years later. The teenage residents of Shadyside were constantly stalked by murderers, and the situation was even worse for those unlucky enough to live on Fear Street. 

The best R. L. Stine Fear Street books featured a combination of relatable characters and a twist ending that no one saw coming. Between Fear Street and the massive success of the Goosebumps series, it's no wonder Stine has become one of the most popular and bestselling children's authors in history. 

Which of the original books contain the scariest Fear Street stories? Vote up the titles that still keep you awake at night!

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    The Prom Queen

    Shadyside High isn't the type of place where popularity gets rewarded. Instead, all five girls running for The Prom Queen title end up dropping like flies. 

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    Lights Out

    Being a camp counselor is rough, especially when Lights Out leads to an increasingly larger body count. Going to the police doesn't help, because they assume Holly is being paranoid.

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    The Boy Next Door

    Sometimes, falling for The Boy Next Door is a really terrible idea. Especially when his parents have filled his head with ridiculous expectations about women that just might have gotten his last girlfriend killed. 

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    The Thrill Club

    Talia starts The Thrill Club to share her scary stories. Naturally, she writes gruesome things about her friends dying, and it doesn't take long before the fictional scenes become reality.