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These Horrifying Animals From Thailand Will Make You Rethink That Beach Vacation

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Colorful cities and tropical beaches bring many tourists to Thailand, but horrifying native animals lurk there as well. The Southeast Asian country is home to many poisonous creatures including fish, scorpions, and tons of deadly snakes. To make things worse, some of the scariest Thai animals look completely harmless.

Australia may be famous for its scary inhabitants, but Thailand's jungles hold plenty of danger as well. Thailand's horrifying animals tend to use extremely dangerous venom to defend themselves. The poisons cause intense pain and sometimes even death. Luckily, many of the beasts are shy; you may never encounter one. Before you plan that beach vacation, though, be sure to check for any fatal creatures.

  • 5. Monocled Cobra

    Monocled cobras can be identified by the round shape on the back of their hoods. They can grow up to seven feet long and strike very quickly, making these snakes all the more dangerous. The monocled cobra's venom is even more deadly than the king cobra's. And it has the highest human fatality rate in the country. Like other cobras, the monocled's venom contains neurotoxins which can cause paralysis, heart attack, and respiratory failure. Death can occur in less than an hour if treatment isn't received. Even a scratch from a monocled cobra's fang can be disastrous. Plus, they tend to strike more than once.

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  • 6. Russell's Viper

    Thailand is also home to Russell's vipers, some of the most deadly snakes in Asia. Their fangs are longer than those of other snakes, and the creatures grow almost six feet long. The viper can strike victims several feet away with incredible speed, but it feeds on small rodents in large fields. The Russell's viper venom acts quickly, causing renal failure, paralysis, or hemorrhaging.

    Many victims who survive have kidney problems for the rest of their lives.

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  • While a snake slithering on the ground might not scare many people, a snake that stands up is scary to almost everyone. Since king cobras can lift a third of their bodies off the ground and grow up to 18 feet long, they can stand and attack simultaneously. The predators are incredibly shy, generally avoiding people. But when threatened, they become very aggressive, flashing their hoods and hissing. The king cobra is the longest venomous snake in the world, but luckily its venom is not the most potent.

    Don't lower your guard, though, because the amount of neurotoxins in king cobra venom is staggering. A single bite can kill an elephant or as many as 20 people.

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  • 8. Titan Triggerfish

    Photo: Amada44 / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

    Titan triggerfish may be pretty, but they notoriously attack human swimmers when they feel threatened. Mating periods are especially dangerous. Divers claim the fish roll onto their sides and stare with beady eyes before attacking. Triggerfish teeth can pierce wetsuits and fins. The creatures even rip off people's ears. A poison called ciguatoxin passes from fish to prey, causing serious infection when left untreated. Triggerfish may also headbutt you. They leave large bruises and knock out some divers.

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