People Reveal The Scariest Things They've Lived Through

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News channels are often filled with terrifying or miraculous stories of people surviving situations that are just too strange to comprehend. Sometimes they may even seem too unbelievable to be real. On Reddit, people are sharing the scariest events they have lived through that still haunt them to this day.

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    They Thought Their House Was Haunted, But It Was Much Worse

    From Redditor u/melillareal:

    As a kid, I thought our house was haunted. Weird sh*t happened all of the time, mostly when I was home alone or when everyone was asleep. When I’d walk into the kitchen, all of the cupboards would be open, I’d hear someone walking around upstairs when I was alone, lights would turn on when I’d walk into a room, I’d feel something sit down on the side of my bed in the middle of the night, etc.

    So, my little kid brain thinks the house is haunted, right? No. So much worse.

    I found out years later that I had a peeping Tom that went full stalker and would break into the house. It was a stalker. In my house. In the middle of the night. Sitting on the edge of my bed.

    My dad was the only one who saw him face to face, but my dad passed away before I learned the truth. So, I have no idea who the guy was who peeped/stalked me from [age] 8 or 9 until college. He found me at my first college, then I moved to a different school and never heard from him again. He could be my husband, my neighbor, my father-in-law... I have no clue and it’s terrifying.

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    They Took A Dangerous Ride On The Verrückt Water Slide

    From Redditor u/HalliBHappy:

    I went onto the Verrückt water slide at Schlitterbahn - if it sounds familiar, it was the water slide that was the tallest water slide in 2014 and was also the same water slide that [took off] a young [boy's] head [in 2016]... I went on this ride a month before the boy died.

    So the ride had a narrow raft that had three seats in a single row. I remember sitting on the back of the raft and looking for a seat belt or safety harness, only to find out the only thing strapping you in was a Velcro strap that went over one shoulder, that was it! And as soon as we went down the first drop, the Velcro strap instantly came undone, and I started to feel myself lift out of my seat.

    Horrified, it felt as time moved slowly as I grabbed onto these somewhat loose, cheap nylon straps that were supposed to pass as handles. But they were so loose that I ended up gripping onto the inner material of the raft as hard as I could and agonizing over the fact that I had to go through another drop. The ride itself was less than a minute long, but it felt so much longer.

    Once we reached the bottom of the slide, I sat there momentarily stunned at what had just happened... [The] rest of my family that was waiting at the end of the slide came up to me, unaware of what had just happened and was shocked when they saw me still sitting in the raft trembling and tears streaming down my face.

    When I told my family what happened, we informed the lifeguard that was monitoring at the bottom of the slide, and they said they would report the raft I was on and inspect it. I was in shock the rest of the time at the water park and didn’t go on any other rides after that... I told as many people as I could about the lax safety precautions that ride had... [Then] a month passed and I saw the incident with the death of the boy on the same ride and instantly got chills. It sunk in that I really could have died the same way that poor boy did if I wouldn’t have had a death grip on the sides of the raft.

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    They Had To Evade An Aggressive Stranger On The Bus

    From Redditor u/Aggressive_Library97:

    I was on a public transit bus to go to high school one morning. I usually walked, but it was... cold that day. So I'm on a bus, alone, it's like 6 am and still dark because of winter. Dude gets on the bus. He could sit anywhere he wanted... he sits right behind me.

    He grabs my hair and sniffs it with this nasty-sounding inhale. Keep in mind, I'm 15... and I just hop off the bus and speedwalk to my school. He got off and followed me. For these two to three minutes of walking, I kept thinking of what my family would think if I went missing... I got to school safely, but yeah, I still think about that sometimes.

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    They Were Robbed At Gunpoint At Work

    From Redditor u/Jmac0585:

    I was robbed at gunpoint when I was working at a Weinerschnitzel when I was 18. Me and another guy were working on December 27, 1994, when two young men came in the back door with .45s. I am no dummy, so I figured out quickly why they were there. They took us upstairs (It was the classic A-Frame store), and tied us up. Well, they started to tie us up.

    One guy was down at the other end of the very small office, the other went to tie us up with a telephone cord. The dopey would-be-thief put his gun down right in front of me and went behind me to tie up my co-worker. I realized, once I was tied up, I [would be] at their mercy. Quick as I could, I grabbed the gun, jumped up, and pointed the gun at the [second] kid near the safe.

    I pulled the trigger and nothing... I looked at the underside, and there was no magazine in the gun. Dopey then hit me in the back of the head and I went down. He screamed about me playing, and tied me up, put a bag over my head, then put the gun to my head several times. They couldn't get into the safe and eventually left with the money out of one register. They never found the kids, and I thank God every time I remember it that the gun wasn't loaded. I'd have been justified in killing him, I think, but I am glad I didn't.

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    They Were Convinced Their Plane Was Going To Crash

    From Redditor u/goddessofdrought:

    On a flight with my husband and 3-month-old daughter, our plane suddenly had to be diverted to a nearby airport, even though our destination was only about 30 minutes away. The flight attendants came around to teach us the “brace for impact” position. I had a special one for bracing for impact with a baby. People were quietly panicking and praying. My husband’s anxiety was through the roof. And I just accepted that this might be how we go.

    Once we landed, we saw that an entire fleet of ambulances was waiting for us. The guy in front of us just turned and said, “Well that’s reassuring...” There was a lot of speculation once we got off the plane, but I never found out what had happened.

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    They Woke Up In The Middle Of Dental Surgery

    From Redditor u/Moontaken:

    I think [my scariest experience] was when I woke up in the middle of my surgery.

    All was dark around, except for a round light, almost green-like, in front of me. I see a very big man all in black with a mask, like he was going to rob a bank. He was stabbing my throat with a large knife in my mouth. I grab his wrist with both hands and try to scream and [get] it off my mouth. But he was too strong. And right there, I hear a "Shhhhhh." Like someone shushes you to calm you down. And immediately I think, "Oh. so, it must be alright, then." And I black out again...

    I thought it was a nightmare after I finally woke up. My mom asked me if everything went smoothly, and I thought it was a weird question, because, well,  I was on anesthesia. I told her that yeah... except for the nightmare. But I remember saying it was weird because you [can't] dream while on anesthesia.

    And she told me that the surgeon almost [crapped] himself when I suddenly [grabbed] his hand. He had a scalpel in my mouth and was worried that I would badly hurt myself. They gave me another shot while I was whining, but I still fought it, and an assistant in the room gently stroked my head with a "Sssshhhhhhh." I immediately put my hand down, smiled, and closed my eyes. And the shot took me out for another round. The room goes silent and the surgeon says, "Well, that was pretty close."

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