Graveyard Shift

Pilots Describe The Scariest Thing That's Ever Happened To Them In Flight

Everyone has had at least one scary plane flight experience, or has at least heard stories about what can happen when your coasting along several thousand feet above the Earth. Travel causes some people a lot of stress and their reactions to that stress can result in a range of emotions or behaviors. Planes are also complex machines that can be brought down by the smallest of human error, like miscalculating weight or even forgetting to tighten a screw.

This is a collection of stories where pilots describe the craziest and scariest things that have ever happened to them while flying a plane. From thinking that they were going to crash to someone committing suicide in the lavatory, a devastating equipment failure, and even paranormal activity, these stories will have you gripping the edge of your seat with white knuckles. So, make sure your feet are firmly planted on the Earth and get reading.