Graveyard Shift 15 Terrifying Bed-Related Scenes from Horror Movies  

Christopher Shultz
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Out of all the places in your house, you may be the most vulnerable in your bed. After all, it is only when we sleep that we endure the most terrifying scenarios our brains can imagine. But for the people in these movies, nightmares go above and beyond dream-like fantasy. Because it's a genre devoted to fear and anxiety, horror films often feature scenes set in the bedroom, where nightmares are brought to horrifying life.  

The scariest bed scenes usually involve some unseen or barely-glimpsed terror, be it an invisible force pressing you further into the mattress, a lightning-fast hand springing out from under the bed, or a commonplace object used in a grotesque fashion. The films on this list feature some of the best under the bed scenes (or otherwise bed-related clips) from horror movies. Sleep tight...
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A Nightmare on Elm Street, Glen Dozes Off

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You should've taken Nancy's warnings more seriously, Glen. Now look at you: sucked up into your own bed and reduced to a fountain of blood that spews out of the gaping hole. Freddy means business, and this geyser is proof. While this film about a malicious spirit that kills teenagers in their dreams features a wealth of deathly bed scenes, this one is perhaps the most iconic.
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Misery, It's for the Best

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Annie is writer Paul Sheldon's number one fan. She just has to make sure he can keep on working on the next Misery Chastaine novel, but also that he can never run away. The solution: an operation called hobbling. Just trust Annie. It's for the best...
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Poltergeist, Two Bed Attacks in One Scene!

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The nightmare fodder of Gen-Xers and Millennials alike, this scene toward the end of Poltergeist features a creepy clown doll who wraps his arms around a boy's neck and pulls him under the bed. But that's not all! There's also an invisible entity assaulting JoBeth Williams in the master bedroom. Lesson learned: don't just move the headstones.
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Se7en, He Got What He Deserved

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The "Seven Deadly Sins" killer leads Detectives Mills and Somerset to his latest victim, Sloth. They discover what appears to be a dead and horribly emaciated man lying in a fetid bed, surrounded by pine tree air fresheners (which do nothing for the smell, by the way). But if this image weren't horrible enough, it turns out this man is, inexplicably, alive...