19 People Describe The Most Unsettling Things They've Seen In Broad Daylight

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Daylight horror hits different when you experience it firsthand.

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    "We Got Punished And Weren't Allowed To Talk About It."

    From Redditor u/[deleted]:

    When I was young me and my cousins found a bloody shirt in our woods. My cousins and their parents hunted so we thought maybe it was from that. But then we found a ziploc bag with shoes and shorts, all had to be from an extremely petite woman or an older kid. When we told our uncle about it, we got punished and weren’t allowed to talk about it. I don’t speak to them anymore but really makes you wonder.

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    "...The Door He Tied Up Was Unlocked!"

    From Redditor u/m1shmc:

    It was 1984. I was 15 years old and was alone at my older sister's house. It was late morning, I had just got out of the shower, still wrapped in a towel when I heard a noise outside. I looked out a window and watched a complete stranger tying the doorknob of the main entrance to the railing of the deck with a rope I used to walk the dog with. He then leaned a mop, that was on the deck, against the door. I called my sister, told her what happened, got dressed, got the heck out of the house through a different door and hid in the bushes until police arrived. The house was somewhat remote with no close neighbors. Found out later the door he tied up was unlocked! No clue how long he had been lurking around before I knew of his presence.

    To this day we have no idea who that was and what his motives were...beyond creepy, definitely unexplained.

    From Redditor u/Kittypie75:

    I'm totally confused. What was he trying to do?

    From Redditor u/Ranger-K:

    It sounds like the door opened inwards into the house. Tying the knob to the railing would make it so that she couldn’t pull it open from the inside. He was probably planning on entering another way and having her trapped in the house with him.

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    "She Refused To Ever Talk About The Experience Again."

    From Redditor u/Facelesspirit:

    I once had a dream I was walking solo down a familiar dirt path towards a wooded area. Side note, the path felt familiar to me in the dream, I had never been down this path before. As I walked toward the wooded area, the feeling of familiarity changed and the path ended at an old abandoned cemetary under the tree canopy. The familiarity suggested the path continued and the cemetery should not be there. I was drawn into the cemetery toward a specific grave. The detail was vivid. There was an old stone bench next to a sunken grave. The headstone had an angel on top. The remaining wing had a pine needle dangling off, hanging from a cobweb, drifting in the breeze. It was peaceful and quiet. I immediately woke up and felt like the dream was calling me back. I felt oddly connected. The jolt from waking up was so startling I decided to write the dream down.

    Fast forward a couple of years. I was considering buying a house with my girlfriend. After we reached a house we were considering, the realtor called and said she was running late. While waiting, we walked the outside of the house. Behind the house, we noticed a path past the overgrown grass going into some woods. To kill time, we decide to walk the path to the trees. While walking along and enjoying the sun on my face, I was hit with an intense feeling of deja vu. I knew this place.

    As we reached the woods, there it was, the abandoned cemetary. It was the same cemetary in my dream. I told my girlfriend I'd visited this place in a dream and described specific details down to the pine needle. She thought I was trying to pull a stupid prank until she saw the sunken grave, missing wing and stone bench, and even the pine needle hanging off the angel's wing. She immediately walked back toward our car. The entire experience was a copy / paste of my dream with the exception of my girlfriend being present.

    Later that day, we were back at my house. She asked me how I knew all that detail. I let her read the dream I wrote down. I described the path, trees, cemetary and weather perfectly. She refused to ever talk about the experience again. That was around 20 years ago. The experience still haunts me to this day.

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    "What Am I Doing Here?!"

    From Redditor u/ionlywanttheneck:

    When I was a teenager, I was at a friends house when his parents and family were not home.

    I was on his back porch tying my shoes then I went back into his house.

    Tying my shoes, a 20 second action. NO! I walk inside and his entire family is back home and they’re sitting at the kitchen table eating dinner and they ask me what I am doing here?! They’re staring at me like I am crazy and asking why I just walked into their house.

    I ask for the time, they tell me it is 6:30 PM. I lost an entire hour doing a 20 second action.

    To this day I still have no clue what happened or where the time went.

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    "White Men Can't See Devils."

    From Redditor u/WhyAmINotClever:

    This is my dad's story, not mine:

    In the 80s, my dad was in the Peace Corps and lived in Sierra Leone for 3 years.

    He had a motorcycle (or some sort of motorbike at least at one point) and would ride around the roads when he had free time.

    One day he's riding a dirt road that snakes around a small mountainside or hillside past some construction works.

    About half a mile after the roadwork, he sees a man on the side of this dirt road on the mountain/hillside just laughing his butt off. And he was blue. Not like painted blue, but blue.

    At first my dad rode on, thinking nothing of it. And then it sunk in...that he saw a blue dude sitting on the side of a dirt road laughing wildly.

    He turned around and rode back to where he saw the blue dude and there was nothing there. He kept retracing his path beyond the roadwork and never saw the blue guy again.

    Later that day he went back to the village he was living in at the time and told the locals about what he had seen.

    The locals all laughed and said, essentially, "No you didn't. White men can't see devils."

    What made this even more spooky to my dad was the way the guy just completely disappeared when he backtracked. There was nowhere for him to go off the road, due to it being on a hillside and he never found him again on the road making it seem as if the blue man simply vanished off the face of the earth.

    Talked to my dad more about this one this afternoon. He said the color of his skin was, like, bright blue, like unnaturally blue, bright blue. He also said he could hear the voice of the guy in his head like he was talking directly into my dad's mind, telepathy-style.

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    "This Strange Feeling Overwhelmed The Entire Left Side Of My Body."

    From Redditor u/Luney_Tuner:

    On a trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama. Stopped to gas up at some run down gas station that was also a truck stop in Mississippi. Went to the bathroom and as I'm standing at the urinal I had the strangest feeling that something was off. This strange feeling overwhelmed the entire left side of my body. I dont claim to be supernatural or have any weird feelings/premonitions and I have never experienced that feeling before that day or since. Anyways, I get up on my tippy toes to look to my left where the stalls were located. There was this deranged looking white guy with nasty, greasy a** hair and a f***ed up scowl on his face staring directly at me. The most typical looking psycho killer you could imagine. He had to have been standing on the toilet because I could see his whole face and the upper part of his shoulders. Immediately zipped up and got the f*** out of dodge. Didn't even wash my hands.