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The Scariest Video Game Monsters Of All Time

Whether horror, action, adventure, or anything in between, game developers like to create monsters that terrify you. From creepy little girls to eldritch horrors, this is really why we like to play video games: to slay demons that scare us. Lucky for you, we've compiled a list of some of the scariest video game monsters of all time. Vote up the ones that truly frighten you, and downvote the ones that you don't think are very scary. 

From Silent Hill's Pyramid Head, you get a horror that you can't escape — the truly ugly look of your inevitable judgment. In other places, like Resident Evil, you get the utterly gross Lickers, whose tongue will cut you in half, their brains are on the outside of their heads, and they can climb on walls. Then, there's always the Headcrabs from Half-Life, which will never fail to make you jump out of your seat. Scary monsters in video games are always welcome, if only so that we can end them. 

Check out our list of the best video game monsters and vote for your favorites! Then take a look at some of our other video game lists to see what you should be playing next.

  • First appearing in Silent Hill 2, Pyramid Head is your judge, and for most playthroughs, you're going to be found wanting. You can't bargain with him; you can't reason your way out of judgment. He's going to wreck your life, and will pursue you until you just give up, exhausted. 

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    Lisa (Silent Hill)

    Photo: P.T. / Konami

    From P.T., the Silent Hill demo that now won't ever be made, just seeing her is terrifying. She always seems to be right out of the corner of your eye. And then you turn around and boom — there she is. Guillermo Del Toro knew what he was doing. 

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    Twin Victims (Silent Hill 4)

    The Silent Hill series always manages to find a way to create new monsters that are going to mess with your head well before you turn out the light. One of their worst abominations? Conjoined twins that are out to end you. And you had to slay them. Again and again and again. 

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    Necromorphs (Dead Space)

    Photo: Dead Space / EA

    This monster from Dead Space is a mutated and reanimated corpse, with new limbs, and they used to be the ship's crew, so it's even more horrifying knowing that you have to end the lives of what used to be your friends. The worst part is that they just keep coming. 

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