Amusement Parks The Scariest, Most Dangerous Water Rides Around The World  

Rebecca High

When you stop and think about it, water parks are kind of freaky. There's no way all those scantily-clad humans splashing around on slides and in communal pools aren't creating full-on cesspools of bacteria.

But as this video points out, potential germ breeding grounds aren't the only dangers. Some of the world's craziest water parks involve stunning architecture and frighteningly dangerous rides that put a standard water slide to shame.

It's almost enough to make you think parks like these should be abandoned. Yet what would happen to all those fond memories of trying to race your BFF around the lazy river, or trying to keep your 10-year-old-self from dry-heaving as you waited in line for the biggest slide in the park?

Watch the video and decide for yourself if these freaky rides are worth the risks and the stress.