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The Top Eleven Most Fearsome Others From 'SCARLET NEXUS'

June 21, 2021 250 votes 34 voters 1.4k views11 items

Every video game has their enemies and bosses but a lot of the time they'll look similar to the hero. SCARLET NEXUS breaks that idea in half by confronting our heroes with nightmarish amalgamations of ordinary everyday objects. Not only are they horrifying to look at, they are on the hunt for human brains. After you encounter Others like the Vase Paws or the Fuel Pool, you might not find flowers as lovely as before. The Buddy Rummy will have you running from every mannequin you see in a mall after fighting them in SCARLET NEXUS. With that being said, we're here to determine the most fearsome Other in the game.

Vote up the Others that send shivers up your spine based on just how they look and/or how much they scare you while playing the game. You can't say they don't have a unique aesthetic, even if it's nightmarish. Challenge your fears and protect humanity best on Xbox Series X.

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    You're going to need more than a green thumb to take on these vicious looking bouquets with legs. Even though these Others don't have a discernable face or arms, they sure make up for it with their terrifying spiked tails.

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    How many Brawn Yawns does it take to screw in a lightbulb? The answer is none, because they've already got plenty of lightbulbs attached to their arms making them one of the brightest Others you'll encounter in the game. Just look out whenever it opens its mouth.

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    While every Other is fearsome in their own way, this Dispen Perry appears to be massive in size, which alone is daunting. Combine Dispen Perry's massive size with that fact that it has six hands that look like they could toss you across the map, this Other is one that will surely take a lot of damage before being brought down.

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    The Wither Sabbat is a ram straight out of your nightmares. It appears to be the most recognizable out of all the Others but that somehow makes it even more terrifying. Combined with its massive size and a skeleton head, you'll want to stay out of it's way whenever it's headed towards your characters.