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14 Scarlet Witch Fan Theories Chaotic Enough To Be True

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The underrated powerhouse of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Wanda Maximoff, AKA Scarlet Witch, is one of the strongest comic book characters ever created, let alone to grace the big screen. A part of the MCU since her introduction in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Wanda's been the subject of a number of fan theories since her comic book origin is pretty complex thanks to her background as a mutant and Fox's (now former) ownership of a number of characters and terms pivotal to her story.

With WandaVision gracing Disney+ and her upcoming appearance in Doctor Strange and The Multiverse of Madness, fans are now chomping at the bit with even more theories about their favorite practitioner of chaos and reality-bending magic. This is a collection of those fan theories.

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    Wanda's Power Boost In 'Endgame' Was An Evolution

    Photo: Avengers: Endgame / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    From Redditor u/insane_ravager:

    It was an Infinity Stone that "gave" Wanda and Pietro their powers or [unlocked] their latent abilities. Whatever [it was], Wanda seemed not so powerful in Infinity War gainst Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight. But [she managed to destroy the Mind Stone and hold off] Thanos during their brief stand-off towards the end in Endgame suggests that her power level has been enhanced manifold. Or to put it in context- her powers have "evolved".

    In some cases for mutants, a certain event triggers a surge in their powers to which some adapt and evolve. Wanda losing her brother, then Vision, and also probably the snap could very well mean such a triggering event. From the look of the fight [in Endgame], she could have single-handedly vanquished the massively powered Thanos. So that might have helped to uncover her potential.

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    The Ads In 'WandaVision' Represent Each Of Wanda's Past Traumas

    Photo: WandaVision / Disney+

    From Redditor u/mchch8989:

    THEORY: The beeping of the toaster in Episode 1 is the beeping of the bomb made by Stark Industries that Wanda and Pietro mentioned in Age of Ultron

    From Redditor u/DefectiveShoelace:

    The toaster being made by Stark Industries in the commercial and the repulsor beam sound combined with the sudden ticking.

    Probably meant to be obvious, but Wanda's trauma from having to wait days with her brother to see if that Stark bomb was gonna kill them?

    From Redditor u/Jedi_Pacman:

    Oh sh*t. Baron Von Strucker is the guy who tested on Wanda and Pietro and a Strucker watch commercial

    "He'll make time for you" definitely sounds ominous.

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    Wanda Was Already A Mutant In The MCU

    Photo: Captain America: The Winter Soldier / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    From Redditor u/harryjs_:

    I think they’ll retcon it so that the Mind Stone unlocked her and her brothers abilities instead of giving them the powers, she will learn about this and then try and recreate it on the rest of the Earths population possibly the clip from the WandaVision trailer with her recreating the Mind Stone, therefore creating a set amount of mutants in the MCU which will be discovered throughout the next saga.

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    'WandaVision' Will Be A Reverse 'House Of M'

    Photo: WandaVision / Disney+

    From Redditor u/cbjd2012:

    So as others have said, it seems pretty clear that WandaVision is some sort of mix between House of M and Tom King's Vision run. Probably Wanda having some sort of break after the events of Endgame and creating an alternate reality where Vision never died, and going a little crazy. We also know that the events of WandaVision will have major implications for the MCU, specifically affecting Doctor Strange 2.

    We don't know how Marvel plans on bringing mutants into the universe after buying Fox, but a reality warping series led by a character with strong ties to mutant history could be the perfect opportunity. Maybe it stems from a feeling of loneliness with Quicksilver and Vision gone, and reality bends to her wish for more people like her. Or maybe time and reality shenanigans happen and those two babies we see in the trailer end up being the Adam and Eve of mutants.

    In fact I'd bet money that IF marvel plans on giving an in universe explanation for the sudden appearance of mutants it will be a result of either WandaVision or the stuff in Strange 2 that was kicked off by WandaVision. Otherwise they'll probably just pretend that mutantdom was always a thing in the universe, like they've done with other new elements. But it would be cool if the character behind one of the greatest mutant tragedies in comics history was somehow tied to their MCU introduction. 

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