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20 Things You Should Know About Scarlet Witch

Still all hyped up on cookie dough bites and Mountain Dew after watching Avengers: Age of Ultron!? Well, if you happened to fall head over heels for the newest Avenger, Scarlet Witch, then Ranker Comics has just the list for you, as we tally up the twenty most important details of Marvel Comics's own Scarlet Witch!

Whether you're a newbie or part of the old guard, it's important to remember that Wanda Maximoff is one of the most important Avengers of all time. Although she may have made her debut as a villain (and wearing green!) she has been an ally of the Avengers for decades. This mutant hero has villainy in her blood but, despite her frequent mental anguish, always tries to do the right thing! Scarlet Witch has been a fan favorite and one of Marvel Comics's most prominent female characters for years. She is the connective tissue between the team of super heroes and the mutants in the Marvel Universe. She has lead the Avengers and completely destroyed them. She has been close to the team as a sister, wife, and comrade on their most dangerous missions. Basically what we're saying is you can't count out Scarlet Witch! Although she has decades of stories under her belt, Ranker Comics has a list of the most important facts and events for this bewitching beauty!

Practice your spells and get out that weird head thing - Ranker Comics had the twenty most important facts about the lovely gypsy Avenger: Scarlet Witch!