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Weird, Emotionally Scarring Things You Forgot About In Don Bluth Films

Updated September 23, 2021 332.4k views14 items

Though Disney ruled most kids' childhoods, another, darker shade of animation appeared in the '80s and '90s: the work of Don Bluth. Anybody who watched The Land Before Time or An American Tail likely remembers unsettling moments from Don Bluth films. Bluth's films offered storylines and themes atypical of other animated films; each had an undercurrent of darkness not usually found in Disney hits. From haunting visions of hell to dark takes on the Romanovs to oddly sexual frogs, Don Bluth's movies left a lasting impression on everyone who watched them.

Don Bluth's penchant for creepy cartoons likely stems from a desire to remove himself from the overly cutesy and safe nature of most children's films. He got his first big break with Disney, but soon left to pursue his own work. Don Bluth's films can freak out viewers, and each one adds an eerie flair to his oeuvre. But all those weird, unsettling moments are part of what people love about his films - they stand out from other animated movies.