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18 Horrifying True Stories Of Abduction From Reddit Users

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Many kidnapping victims, at least the high-profile ones, have their stories told in newspapers, on television, and in books. However, this doesn't encompass everyone who has been kidnapped, which can happen to the young and old at times when you least expect it.

There are plenty of true abduction stories that haven't been broadcast to the general public - until now, when they shared their stories on Reddit. The creepy stories listed here are all true and in the words of the people who lived through these traumatic experiences.

  • The Van Pulled Up Next To Him

    "I have a friend who was kidnapped. He came home late one night and a van pulled up right beside him and a few guys grabbed him. They were planning on holding him for ransom, under the impression his dad was rich. His dad did pay the ransom and he was dumped in some remote part of the city and had to find his own way home, luckily uninjured. It happened a couple years back, and to this day, he refuses to go out at night. You can see he gets visibly shaken whenever a vehicle passes/stops nearby him."

  • He Stopped And Just Stared At Them

    "My friend and I were playing in a creek that ran from her backyard to the next street over. I was 7 or 8 at the time.

    We're playing around, talking when I just stopped. She, confused, kept asking what was wrong because I just stopped in my tracks. This guy in a green car had passed by and then backed up to where we were to stop and stare at us. He slowly started opening his door, then locked all of them with the power button but manually unlocked the passenger side (facing us) which was weird to me. I told my friend very quietly "On the count of three, run as fast as you can back home.... One. Two. THREE!"

    When we started to take off, I heard the man's door shut and the car take off. We ran back to her house through the woods like crazy and told her mom what happened. By this time we were out of breath and crying. It was terrifying."

  • Her Father Worked With Them

    "I was 5 and my family lived in a really poor part of town. I was never allowed to play outside for very long or in the dark. My only friend was my next door neighbor who was about my age.

    On that day my mom was really tired because of a new baby and taking care of me and my 2-year-old brother. I begged to play outside with my neighbor and finally my mom said yes, as long as we stayed in the yard were she could see me from the window. About 20 minutes later, a green beat-up Plymouth stops in the road in front of our houses. A white man leans over and asks us if we had seen a dog. My neighbor just stood in the yard, but I couldn't hear well, so I started walking toward the car.

    I got about a foot from the passenger door and saw another guy start sitting up from the back seat. Then I heard a door slam, and turn to see my mother running with no shirt on (she had just been breast feeding my sister) through the yard, yelling for me to get behind her and my neighbor to run home. The car sped off.

    The cops came and we moved several cities away. Years later I found out that they were two men my father worked with. When the cops raided their house, they found all kinds of gross costumes and journals of their plans. I remember for weeks after that my parents made me sleep with them and even had my huge godfather move in and sleep in our living room. At the time I was embarrassed the whole neighborhood saw my mom's boobs flying, but now I'm pretty proud."

  • The Military Rescued Them

    "I was not kidnapped, but a college roommate of mine was. While he was still in Bosnia, he was part of an amateur football team when he was 15. They were practicing in a football field when several vans showed up and at gunpoint dragged everyone into the vans.

    They were driven to a secluded wooded area and held there for several days. I don't remember what the kidnappers were after if it was a ransom or something political. He told me that one night they were sitting around the fire, he was looking at one of his kidnappers, and his head exploded. Soon another kidnapper's head explodes. The gunmen all get up and soon a fire fight ensues.

    Apparently the military had showed up with snipers. It sounds amazing, but he was a very serious type of person. The kind of person that you know has seen too much."