18 Horrifying True Stories Of Abduction From Reddit Users
Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY

18 Horrifying True Stories Of Abduction From Reddit Users

Many kidnapping victims, at least the high-profile ones, have their stories told in newspapers, on television, and in books. However, this doesn't encompass everyone who has been kidnapped, which can happen to the young and old at times when you least expect it.

There are plenty of true abduction stories that haven't been broadcast to the general public - until now, when they shared their stories on Reddit. The creepy stories listed here are all true and in the words of the people who lived through these traumatic experiences.

  • She Escaped From The Barn

    "Not my own abduction, but my cousin was abducted. She lives in Mexico.

    She was walking home after being dropped off by the school bus when a van drove up. Men wearing bandanas over there faces pulled her into the van, tied her up, and placed a hood over her head. They drove for a long time according, and she was taken to and left at a barn, along with other kidnapped young women. She asked what was going on and where are they, but the women wouldn't answer her.

    She somehow got loose from her rope and started to look for an escape. She found a window and broke it with a chair. She urged the other girls to come with, but they were too scared to leave. My cousin left them and she ran nonstop to the nearest town, staying off the roads in case they were looking for her. Luckily she found a phone in the town and called her family.

    She's safe now but she could never remember where the location of the barn was. She still feels guilty about it all."

  • Almost Grabbed While Skateboarding

    "When I was 11-years-old we lived in a small villa behind a Canadian university; just for reference we live in a Muslim country - Dubai UAE.

    When I was younger, I was really into skateboarding and would skate in front of our house. I heard my mother calling my name, and as I picked up the skateboard, a white Nissan Patrol came flying down the street with the passenger door wide open. I dropped my board and fled for the gate. As I opened the metal gate, I felt a cold hand grab my neck and try to pull me.

    I grabbed the gate and forced myself through it, closing it behind me. I was not abducted, but the feeling of the cold hand still haunts me 10 years later."

  • Stolen By Mom

    "My mother would steal my sister and me away and hide us from the rest of my family every time she'd get upset with our father. She'd leave us with any random person who would take us and leave. I remember bits and pieces, but mostly just being scared and wanting to go home. I couldn't have been more than 3 or 4 years old.

    It was bad enough that my dad called CPS and gave up his parental rights to the state, who had us placed with our paternal grandmother."

  • He Offered A Ride Home

    "When I was about 13, my girlfriend and I were walking home from the library during summer break. We both had a few books and a beautiful day in northern NJ, so we were very happy. We reached the crossroads where she turned to go a few more blocks to her house and I would go, the opposite direction, three blocks to my home. As we were standing on the corner just talking before we would have parted ways, a '60s-style red car pulled up at the corner. A very attractive young blond man in his 20s asked if we knew the location of Church Street. Where we were standing at the corner you could clearly tell Church Street was about 20 feet on the other side on the main road where we were all stopped, so this question was odd.

    Furthermore, Church Street was only one block long, was one way and only had a large church and approximately four houses on it. What would this young guy in the cherry red car need on Church Street? My girlfriend I just pointed to Church Street and said it's right there. Weird.

    The gentleman then introduced himself and tried to initiate conversation. He was articulate, attractive and charming. Why was he talking to us? He made joke[s], asked us about what we were doing, did we know where to get a soda, etc. He told me that I had beautiful hair (long, wavy auburn) and that he was a hairstylist. He said it would like to cut my hair (for free) and would like to use me in a modeling show. He ask me to come take some paperwork so he could give share some information. Though my hair got a lot of comments, I certainly was not model material. More weird.

    He kept talking, trying to be over-friendly almost, and it was just kept becoming more creepy. He offered to buy us sodas and drive us home since it was hot. After saying no many times in many ways and trying not to give him any real info, he finally drove slowly down Church Street. My girlfriend began to run home her way and I wanted to get to my house ASAP. I remember thinking that if he went around the block that he would come up on me again alone so I made the decision to take a slight detour and go down Church Street.

    It was risky since it was a very sparse street, yet I figured at least he could not really turn around on the one way street and, if he did, I would see him coming. I cut through the church complex and made it home where I told my dad what happened. The police came and took a report and also talked to my friend. They mentioned that a gentleman had attempted to speak with another girl on the other side of town a few days prior who matched the car/physical description.

    I never found out more information or heard anything else about but that scared teen-me for a long time."

  • The Van Pulled Up Next To Him

    "I have a friend who was kidnapped. He came home late one night and a van pulled up right beside him and a few guys grabbed him. They were planning on holding him for ransom, under the impression his dad was rich. His dad did pay the ransom and he was dumped in some remote part of the city and had to find his own way home, luckily uninjured. It happened a couple years back, and to this day, he refuses to go out at night. You can see he gets visibly shaken whenever a vehicle passes/stops nearby him."

  • He Stopped And Just Stared At Them

    "My friend and I were playing in a creek that ran from her backyard to the next street over. I was 7 or 8 at the time.

    We're playing around, talking when I just stopped. She, confused, kept asking what was wrong because I just stopped in my tracks. This guy in a green car had passed by and then backed up to where we were to stop and stare at us. He slowly started opening his door, then locked all of them with the power button but manually unlocked the passenger side (facing us) which was weird to me. I told my friend very quietly "On the count of three, run as fast as you can back home.... One. Two. THREE!"

    When we started to take off, I heard the man's door shut and the car take off. We ran back to her house through the woods like crazy and told her mom what happened. By this time we were out of breath and crying. It was terrifying."