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People Share The Creepiest Things That Ever Happened To Them In An Airbnb

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Traveling is often stressful, and finding sleeping accommodations is no exception. Although hotels are usually clean and convenient, they can get pricey pretty quick. That's why many travelers opt for Airbnbs, affordable rooms you can book around the globe in normal people's homes - at least, you hope they're normal. 

These scary Airbnb stories show you what can happen when an overnight stay goes wrong - perhaps you hear strange noises in the night, or maybe household appliances appear in places they weren't before. Here are some creepy Airbnb stories from travelers who survived their harrowing ordeals.

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    The House Looked Like It Had Been Abandoned For Weeks

    From Redditor /u/checkmeowtt:

    Rented a place on a farm owned by what seemed like a nice woman and her family who also [lived] in the house. She was extremely responsive and had close to five-star ratings, with the latest five-star rating maybe like a week or two before our arrival. She was also very responsive up until two days before our check-in date. [I] was going straight to the Airbnb from my camping trip, so I had spotty reception, but thought it would still be fine to show up on my check-in date.

    Arrived as it was about to get dark, and the whole land was silent (okay, makes sense 'cause it's a farm). However, there were no animals on the farm like described. The chicken coop was empty, and there was no horse. Doors to the house were open and lights were off. Dry cat food was still in the bowl, but no cats. It looked like they were in the middle of cleaning the house because blankets were strewn on the bed, an air mattress was half inflated, and items were all over the kitchen island. We tried turning on the lights, but nothing. The faucet spit out water slowly as if it [hadn't] been turned on in a really long time. Opened the fridge and it smelled RANCID. Basically assumed that something happened that forced the family to leave asap.

    We promptly drove away to the closest city to find somewhere to stay for the night.

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    Their Absent Host Knew They Were In The Wrong Room

    From Redditor /u/rintintin94:

    Two years ago, my husband and I went to Boise, ID, for a Joe Rogan comedy show. We lived in Utah... Upon arriving, the only directions sent to us [were] the code to the front door and that he wouldn’t be home. We pull up and the house is MASSIVE. We walk in and are kind of confused as to where to go. The pictures of the advertisement was a room in the basement with a bathroom next to it. So we went and settled in.

    The comedy show was that same night, so I hopped in the shower, and as I was getting out, my husband told me the host had messaged him [and] told him we were in the wrong room and to go into the room upstairs. Okay... but how did he know we were in the wrong room if he wasn’t home? So we took our stuff upstairs and began looking around, trying to figure out which room. We opened a few doors, and there [were] several bedrooms, but the only bedroom that had new towels and water bottles on the nightstand was the master bedroom.

    Still a bit confused, we put our stuff down and noticed all of the owner's stuff was still in the nightstand drawers, and [a] closet was full of clothes and jewelry. Directly next to the bedroom... was an office and a bunch of dog toys and bowls of food and water... but no dog. We were a bit confused, but the owner told us he wouldn’t be home all weekend and to make ourselves comfortable.

    The night came and went, and we went to our show. Explored some of Boise and headed back to the house. We both kept telling each other something felt off, but didn’t know why. We agreed to wake up and take our time getting back on the road and to our kids. Fast [forward] to the next morning, and [we woke] up to a dog running down the hallway, and barks echoing throughout the massive house. My husband [hopped] out of bed and opened the door to see if someone was there, but saw nobody... We packed up super early and left way faster than we originally planned. It was SUPER weird... Like we were being watched, and someone was with us the whole time.

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    A Hook Appeared Out Of Nowhere

    From Redditor /u/15sunflowers:

    My fiance and I were staying at an Airbnb in Helsinki to visit family. When we got there and got settled, we were chatting about things we thought were missing in the apartment. Specifically, I remember saying I wished there was another towel hook in the bathroom (there was only one, and obviously two towels [were] being used).

    The next day we went out and were out pretty much all day, and when we got back that night, there was another towel hook in the bathroom...

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    A Poltergeist Kept Doing Loads Of Laundry

    From Redditor /u/Toubaboliviano:

    I [stayed] at a lovely Airbnb in Iowa for my little brother's graduation. He didn’t know I was going to make it, so we threw a surprise party at the Airbnb. While we were setting up, my other brother and I went down to the basement to get an extra table. The second we got down there, we looked at each other and said, "Yup it’s scary here."... 

    The longer I spent in the basement, the greater the feeling of dread grew in me. We found the extra table and headed back upstairs, joking about how creepy a seemingly normal basement was...

    While we were celebrating, my girlfriend decided she’d run the washer, which was downstairs... She asked me to go with her, since it was creepy. Again I went down and rushed to leave. The basement was now officially scary to me.

    [Afterwards, my girlfriend and I] were relaxing when the laundry buzzer went off. I looked at her, and she said she didn’t pick up the load from earlier. I thought it was strange that it hadn’t beeped hours ago. We headed down to the basement. Again, she stopped at the stairs to the basement and asked me to go first. As I was going down, the buzzer on the washer went off again, scaring us. We both jumped, I hurried down [and] grabbed the laundry, and we headed upstairs to let it air dry...

    I should mention this was an old-ish house, so the stairs were steep, and the bedroom where we slept was probably originally an attic. In order to turn on the lights upstairs, you had to flip a switch at the bottom of the stairs. [When] I flipped on the switch and headed for the stairs... I heard a loud banging sound, like the sound of pots or something metallic clanging... I began to go for the kitchen where there was a knife. But then I heard the [metallic] whacking again, at the top of the stairs. I turned to look against the now-illuminated attic, and saw a ceiling fan turned on to its max setting, and it’s mounting pole [was] making the sound. I ran upstairs and turned off the fan... We got ready for bed...

    I had dreams of seeing a shadowy figure out on the lawn. I woke up the next morning tired. I made my way down to the kitchen to brew some coffee. As I was turning around, I looked at the staircase to the basement. Something was wrong, and I don’t know why, but I was drawn to the basement again. I looked down the stairs, and walked down. I looked around, and saw nothing... We had breakfast, packed our bags, and got ready to go.

    As we were doing one last sweep, I checked the kitchen one more time to make sure everything [was] in good shape. Just as I was about to say, "All good, let’s go," that d*mned laundry machine buzzed. Both me and my girlfriend were just like, "Nope," and proceeded to get the f*ck out. As we were leaving in a rush, I grabbed the bags and told my girlfriend to start the car. As I was [leaving], the fan upstairs turned on again and began making the whacking noise. I’ve never bolted so fast out of a house... 

    I texted the Airbnb host that the washer kept on making noises and that I couldn’t figure out how to turn off the ceiling fan upstairs.

    They messaged back, “Thank you for staying with us.”