The Scariest Alien Spaceships In Science Fiction, Ranked

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If we've learned anything about space from the numerous TV shows and movies in the sci-fi universe, it's that the galaxy above us is not a safe place. There are all manner of monsters and menaces lurking around the deep, dark blackness of the great unknown. In sci-fi stories, spaceships are usually our settings - the home base for our heroic characters. But, they are also often the antagonist's home as well. Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Alien, and many more sci-fi franchises have contributed intimidating, unnatural, frightening designs for spaceships that in some cases cannot be stopped. Below are the spookiest spaceships in sci-fi history from movies and TV shows. These scary movie spaceships are ones you don't want to run into when you jump out of hyperspace.


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    Shadow Dreadnought

    Appears In: Babylon 5

    Antagonist: The Interstellar Alliance

    Special Features: High-energy beam weapon, jump point destabilizer, hyperspace phasing, biomechanical systems

    Why Is It Scary: In Season 2 of Babylon 5, hotshot Starfury pilot Warren Keffer described the Shadow Dreadnought as follows: "A spider, big as death and twice as ugly. When it flies past, it's like you hear a scream in your mind." The most unstoppable vessel in the B5 universe is so powerful that it doesn't need to create a hyperspace jump point. It can simply phase in and out of hyperspace, making it possible to appear at will, without you ever expecting it.

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    Borg Cube

    Borg Cube
    Photo: Star Trek: The Next Generation / Paramount Domestic Television

    Appears In: Star Trek: The Next Generation

    Antagonist: The United Federation of Planets

    Special Features: Transwarp capability, beam weapons, tractor beam, adaptive shielding

    Why Is It Scary: The Borg are easily the most formidable enemy of the Federation, nearly conquering Earth during the classic TNG two-parter, "The Best of Both Worlds." The cube is a mishmash of tubes, scaffolding, and other seemingly illogical elements. Plus, it's a perfectly symmetrical design that looks unnatural floating through space. Perhaps the scariest thing about the Borg cube is that Starfleet's defense systems (including the mighty Enterprise-D) are no match for the cube's might.

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    Photo: Star Trek / Paramount Pictures

    Appears In: Star Trek (2009)

    Antagonist: The United Federation of Planets

    Special Features: Projectile weapons, mining drill

    Why Is It Scary: Resembling a sea creature more than a spaceship, the Narada terrorizes Starfleet broadly, and Commander Spock specifically. In the prime timeline, Spock fails to save Romulus, so Captain Nero of the Romulan mining vessel decides to get his revenge in the Kelvin timeline (which both he and Spock are hurtled into via a wormhole). The Narada is, like many other Star Trek antagonist ships, much larger than Starfleet vessels. It's big, dark, unnaturally designed, and ugly. Sounds like a recipe for scares.

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    The Alien Derelict

    The Alien Derelict
    Photo: Alien / 20th Century Fox

    Appears In: Alien

    Antagonist: The Nostromo

    Special Features: A lot of Xenomorph eggs

    Why Is It Scary: Shrouded in shadows and smoke, when the crew of the Nostromo discovers the Derelict, they can barely make out its massive, crescent-shaped design. While the ship's look is imposing to the human space truckers investigating it, the vessel's contents are what's truly horrifying: countless eggs filled with Xenomorph facehuggers. The egg that hatches infects Kane and incubates inside his body. Soon, that Xenomorph bursts out of Kane's chest and is set loose on the Nostromo. That perfect biological weapon still haunts our dreams to this day.

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    The Scimitar

    The Scimitar
    Photo: Star Trek: Nemesis / Paramount Pictures

    Appears In: Star Trek: Nemesis

    Antagonist: The United Federation of Planets

    Special Features: Pulse disruptor cannons, photon torpedo launchers, thalaron cascading biogenic pulse weapon, shields, advanced cloaking device

    Why Is It Scary: Spiderlike in appearance, the Scimitar far outmatches the Enterprise-E. It has a special cloaking device that can be used while its shields are up, an advancement that makes it impossible for the Enterprise to defend itself. Worse yet, it was built with a device that could wipe out an entire planet with thalaron radiation. Praetor Shinzon, a clone of Captain Picard, wants to use that device to destroy the planet Earth.

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    Martian Tripods

    Martian Tripods
    Photo: War of The Worlds / Paramount Pictures

    Appears In: War of the Worlds

    Antagonist: The planet Earth

    Special Features: Heat ray, tentacles

    Why Is It Scary: The Tripods, while not technically space-faring (in the Steven Spielberg remake, they are buried under the Earth's surface), are perhaps the scariest alien craft in sci-fi. They wreak havoc indiscriminately, have powerful tentacles like a squid, and do their damage on land rather than in the comfort of space. Imagine being nose to nose with one of these - its heat ray targeted on you. No, thanks.

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