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Amusement Park Employees Describe The Scariest Things They’ve Ever Seen Happen On A Ride

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Amusement park rides should induce fear. But tales of thrills and chills on roller coasters with safety bars are the only scary stories about amusement park rides anyone wants to experience. For the most part, despite a few dangerously designed rides, theme parks remain entirely safe, and everyone goes home without any problems - other than some motion sickness or soaked clothing. But sometimes, what happens on amusement park rides is far from amusing.

Theme park workers on Reddit, who've also discussed other horrifying things they've seen while on duty, regularly share their stories about scary things that happen on rides. Sometimes, people misbehaving can lead to problems. But in other cases, everything from weather to employee errors to mechanical problems can induce unintended ride turbulence and terror.

  • The 6-Inch Splinter Wound

    From Redditor /u/whosline07:

    I worked at a wooden roller coaster with an enclosed double helix at the end (anyone who knows roller coasters probably knows which one I'm talking about). A guy came back with a splinter spearing his hand between his thumb and forefinger that was a good 6 inches long and about an inch across. He calmly walked up to the person on the floor clutching his hand, dripping blood all over, and asked if we could call first aid. He was a pretty tall guy, and by his own words, he was "trying to touch the side."

    Not really scary, but when I saw him walking across the station dripping blood, it was for a second.

  • Bouncing Too Hard

    From Redditor /u/buffchickensmoothie:

    Not necessarily a theme park, but I used to work at a party place that was filled with moon bounce-like "rides."

    I've seen my fair share of knocked-out teeth and bloody noses.

  • Something To Squawk About

    From Redditor /u/kirball:

    A family of Irish travelers tried to get on a ride with a big backpack, so the onloaders asked them to remove it.

    The ride guys noticed it was strangely heavy and felt like something was moving when they went to store it for them, so they looked inside.

    Chickens. They'd been sneaking chickens onto the rides.

  • He Shouldn't Have Been Allowed To Ride - And Died

    From Redditor /u/kingkow:

    I've seen people fall out of log flumes, stick their hands in machines, and throw up everywhere, but I missed the worst by about half an hour.

    A man fell off of a roller coaster during a gravity hill and was hit by the same train he was riding in. He ended up dying almost immediately. I had been working on the ride up until about a half hour before when my shift ended. He was in the front seat, unfortunately, so all the passengers saw what happened, including the nephew he was riding with.

    It was one of the reasons I decided to stop working there at the end of the season after two summers. I couldn't get over the thought that a man died because people were lazy or dumb.

    He was a veteran who was missing a leg completely and the other up to the knee. The restraints came down over the legs with a lap belt. He never should have been let on the ride but was mistakenly allowed to by ride workers.