• Graveyard Shift

The Eerie History Behind Ten Abandoned Churches From Around The World

The very thought of an abandoned church invokes mysterious and unexplainable feelings. Creepy abandoned churches inherently represent many of the unknown aspects of the afterlife, sometimes even giving off the sensation of being in a tomb or grave.

Abandoned churches around the world have been deserted for a wide variety of reasons: some were left to rot because of war, natural disasters, or economic motivations, and some were even left after a particularly disturbing event occurred. These scary abandoned churches are each creepy in their own way, and many stand as reminders of tragic events, left almost untouched for decades, or even centuries.

  • Oradour Church, Oradour-sur-Glane, France

    On June 10, 1944, Nazi soldiers descended upon the town of Oradour-sur-Glane, France. Historians still aren't sure what led to the massacre, but by the end of the day over 600 civilians had been murdered by the Nazis. The Germans invaded the town, rounded up all of the people living there and then separated the men from the women and children.

    The men were then shot while the women and children were gathered inside the church, which was then set on fire and strafed with machine gun fire. Only six people from the town survived. 

  • The Chernobyl Abandonded Nuclear Fallout Church

    Video: YouTube

    The Chernobyl nuclear disaster of 1986 left a massive area of the Ukraine abandoned and, in many ways, its remains have become something of a permanent time capsule. In 2016, urban explorer Andre Friesen shot a video of his visit to a church in the abandoned area.

    Eerily, it is in nearly the exact same condition as it was left.

  • Egg Hill Church, Spring Hills, Pennsylvania

    Video: YouTube

    Egg Hill Church in Spring Hills, PA, has an eerie and potentially horrifying history. According to legend, the pastor of the church murdered all of his parishioners after communion and then hung himself. Visitors to the church report hearing the voices of the crazed minister's child victims while the building itself remains locked and empty.

    They also say that ghosts vandalize the church and haunt its grounds.

  • The Campanile, Lake Resia, Italy

    Centuries worth of history was wiped out in an instant when an Italian power company opted to turn an entire town into a reservoir. In 1939, it was decided that two lakes should become one to provide more water to a hydroelectric power plant. The town's fate was delayed during World War II, but in 1950 the plan went ahead.

    All that is left of the town is the cathedral's bell tower, which stands as a reminder that while monsters are idolized as destroyers of cities, the demands of modernity are the real threat to humanity.